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Our goal at DĒS is to provide you, our cherished customers with products that actually work. Your curls and coils are important to us and they deserves the best ingredients. DĒS is committed to using top quality ingredients in all our handmade products. Each ingredient works together to give your hair exactly what it needs. Using DĒS products will provide your hair with deep penetrating moisture that will coat each strand from root to tip. Our formulas are designed specifically to provide moisture as well as seal in that moisture to keep your hair protected and happy all day long. 

We plan on expanding DĒS to provide a multitude of natural haircare products that will fit each and everyone of our #DĒSDoll's haircare needs. On top of our natural hair products, we want to provide you with top quality braiding hair and hair styling products that will aid you in your hair journey. 

From moisturizing, to DIY styling, to booking your appointment this is the place for you.


We want DĒS to be more than a brand, we want it to be a community. This community will be for you, by people like you.  


Join our community and become a #DĒSDoll Today. 








"It's not just hair, its so much more deeper than that."

My passion for braiding and natural hair care has grown exponentially throughout the years. After many years of pushing my passion aside, I have finally decided to follow my dreams and build a brand that will allow me to share my passion and talents with the world. I have put my all into this brand and I hope you will love it as much as I do. 

I want DĒS to be so much more than just a brand, and I believe that it can be with the support and love from all of you. 
I started my braiding journey when I was only 6 years old. I remember being so disappointed by my grade 1 school pictures. I told my mom exactly how I wanted my hair done, and she did it in just a basic style.  From that day forward I told myself  I would learn how to do my own hair, and that is exactly what I did.  Looking back on the pictures, the styles that my 6 year old hands did were a mess, but I was so proud that I had a vision in my head and I was able to execute it . Any style I did on myself, you could just see the pride on my face. As the years went on, I started practicing on my siblings and family members. I then progressed to braiding the hair of my friends from school. I then started getting inquiries  from adults that I knew and thats when I realized I could really go somewhere with braiding.  My passion for braiding now turned into a job.
Fast forward to present day, and I now hold many titles in addition to hairstylist/braider. I am an entrepreneur, a Registered Nurse, a full-time university student, a foster parent, a sister, aunt and and a friend. I take all my roles seriously and use all the things I have learned in my 26 years of life and have poured it into this brand. 

I hope DĒS brings you as much happiness as it brings me. And may your curls and coils stay healthy and hydrated always. 


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